Tuesday, February 1, 2011

watercolor on your nails

I love this DIY by Dreaming spires and Old Cartyres featured on a pair and a spare . The nerd in me loves the nifty chemistry system she had going to create such an amazing smoky effect. She also has a video tutorial!

digital drawing

My four year old laptop crashed recently and I have been using my friend's which came with a little pen that slid into a pocket on the side. He failed to point out to me that the computer was a tablet PC, a tablet PC!!! I was ecstatic!! I immediately went online in search of a good drawing software and found quite a few good platforms. Isn't that so amazing, such easy access to creative tools and that too for free!!!! After the last post on  illustrators I got drawing right away.  I love drawing hair. There is something so relaxing about making a line over and over again. This interest in hair is also because not too long ago I (to my surprise)  got a very short bob, which was a good 3 inches shorter than what I had discussed with my Supercuts hairdresser. This is the hair I wanted. Alas! I have a few months and a bottle of vitamins till my hair gets there.
As for digital drawing I have been doing more of it especially after downloading a free Microsoft tool kit for tablet PC. It's been fun!
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