Thursday, January 27, 2011

a little miu miu in my life

Miu Miu SS 2010 has been forever imprinted in my mind like it has i bet on a million others. I won't get anywhere close to buying the daisy/cat/dog/naked lady printed goodness, even if I sell all my possessions, thank you helps, flicking through the collection one more time fills some of the void , and so does beautiful illustrations. Like these by Kris Atomic. I am so in love with her illustration style.

 And this is ROCKouture, whose blog I came across today.
But then nothing beats finding a dirt cheap version of the print. Without any agenda I wandered into the Old Navy store today and there it sat on the clearance rack:  a glorious miu miuesque ribbon print. It cost me 5 whole dollars, I think the cat/swallow/daisy /naked lady omission is understandable. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

honeysuckle it is

I dont know how I missed it, but I wasn't aware of the Pantone Color of the Year 2011 until a month into this year ! And honeysuckle it is. Jill Sander surely got the memo. The color is making me even more anxious about spring. In my head I am thinking cherry blossom trees, cycling in the park in bare legs and hats, soft cotton dresses. I like the unsaturated version of this color although the real deal looks oh so good on glossy magazines and porcelain faces. Out of respect for professors and my friends who I lunch with in the school cafeteria  I am going to adapt a version of the honeysuckle in time for summer a la Elie Saab Spring Couture 2011.

Runway pictures:
Rose Martini via Designsponge. Recipe here!
For other eye candy see more Pantone here!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

eye spy...

There is nothing like a new Garance Dore post after a long day in lab! Today she talked about how fake designer good no matter how real they look, will always be fake. Five minutes later I fell for the fake of the fake. With no H&M in a 80 mile radius, I missed out on the most affordable item from the Lanvin x H&M -the sunglasses. Yes folks, the sunglasses was the one thing I really wanted from the collection which is fake because it is not Lanvin Lanvin  you see. Anyways, I "ebayed" to see if there was a pair out there and sure enough there was, but with a price tag of 150! And then I "ebayed" oversize wayfarers and there it was, the exact same pair for 9.99. To me they look exactly like the Lavin x H&M or even this sold out Grey Ant sunnies.

And going back to the issue of the fakes, i am making an exception for this fake fake. It is easier to get by, my labmates, friends and midwestern neighbours don't know the original exist but still  a fake Hermes ?  it is a sure a no-no. 
Top to Bottom: 
 Lanvin x H&M, Ebay geek glasses, get  here! Grey Ant Status,
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